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The Education Index at is the Internet’s premier source of updated, clear educational data about undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. We use publicly available numbers from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), and strive to present them in a simple and easy-to-digest way. Our desire is to make it easy for you to pick the best college you possibly can with this index: a college that fits your financial, social and educational interests and goals.

By filtering through data like average SAT scores, retention rates, tuition, and percentages of students receiving financial aid, you can use the Education Index to eliminate schools from your inventory that don’t make sense. Our system also allows for an additional layer by helping you rank and compare specific programs at multiple schools. By selecting your priorities on a 1-5 scale, our system can automatically filter and rank schools for you--that way, you’re only looking at data that really matters to you. Are you more interested in student diversity? Do you prefer to go to an institution known for excellence in scientific research? Our database allows you to tailor your search around these and other factors, like subject or degree level.

Please contact us if you have any additional questions, comments, or feedback regarding the Education Index.

Online Schools

Many prominent colleges around the U.S. today offer online classes and degrees. In this directory we have compiled all of those institutions into one place. You can filter by subject category or by degree level. We have also included important information like the number of graduates from each school, the most popular degrees offered, and unique statistics about how the school compares to others across America.

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Campus Schools

Attending a campus-based collegiate program is a big choice that often involves moving to a new state. In this directory we have organized every brick-and-mortar academic institution in the U.S. by degree level and by subject. We show where most people with specific degrees graduate from, and compare and contrast graduation trends for a variety of related degree programs.

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