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Dr. Eric Scerri Lecture:  In Celebration of the Periodic Table at Univ. of Denver

January 16th at noon: Lecture by Dr. Eric Scerri in Celebration of the Periodic Table, University of Denver, Special Events Room AAC 290. RSVP at or contact, 303-871-2239.

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Colorado Section of ACS 2018 Elections for Officers and Councilors

The election for Chair-elect, Treasurer, Councilors and Alternate Councilors for terms beginning January

1, 2019 was conducted electronically with 345 ballots cast. The results are

Chair-elect Debbie Crans

Treasurer Richard Gabel

Councilor Connie Gabel

Michael Mosher

Alternate Councilor Ryan Richards

Shubham Vyas

Gino Braiotta


We greatly appreciate all of the candidates who ran for office and hope that all of them will remain active in the section.

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