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Alexander, Karpeisky

Anaya, Amanda
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Arwood-Levine, Ben
About Me
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Batenhorst, Susan MacGregor
About Me

Behrang Mahjoub
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Birdwell, Justin
About Me

My background is in chemical engineering and analytical & environmental geochemistry and my research interests include the study of multiphase fate and transport of organic pollutants, the environmental impacts related to utilization of non-traditional hydrocarbon resources (e.g. shale gas, oil shale and tar sands), and the characterization of and geochemical processes related to natural organic matter.


I completed my Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering with Louis Thibodeaux at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 2007 and served as a research associate and instructor at that institution until the end of 2009. I am currently employed with the U.S. Geological Survey as a Research Engineer under the Mendenhall Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. My project is on the pyrolysis and environmental reclamation processes related to in situ oil shale retorting in the Piceance Basin of northwestern Colorado. 

Brian Eugene, Mueller

Bunn, Jonathon
About Me

JEOL Analytical Instrument Sales Manager - Western Region

I handle all product information requests for JEOL mass spectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance, and electron paramagnetic resonance instruments in the western United States.

Carrie A, Middleton
About Me

Scientist with EPA National Enforcement Investigations Center, Denver, CO.  Specific interests in IR spectroscopy and spectrometry applied to remote sensing of the environment.  Proficient in x-ray diffraction and x-ray fluorescence methods.

Charles W, Spicer
39 years old
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Chase, Carolyn
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Clark, Eric
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Damodaran, Vinod
About Me

Research Scientist, Colorado State University

Dean, Anthony
About Me

Tony Dean is the W. K. Coors Distinguished Professor in the

Chemical Engineering Department at the Colorado School of

Mines. He received his bachelor’s degree from Spring Hill

College and his masters and doctorate in physical chemistry from

Harvard University. He joined the Chemistry Department of the

University of Missouri-Columbia in 1970, where his research

focused on shock tube studies of elementary combustion-related

reactions. In 1979 he moved to the Corporate Research Labs of

Exxon Research and Engineering to initiate a program in detailed

kinetic modeling of high-temperature systems. One major effort

of his group was to work with Toyota and Peugeot researchers to

develop advanced fuels and engines. He joined the CSM faculty

in 2000. At CSM the efforts of his research team focus on the

quantitative kinetic characterization of a variety of reaction

systems. This research couples electronic structure calculations to

predict reaction rates and pathways, a detailed kinetic modeling

effort, and an experimental program to validate the model

predictions. One such application concerns the production of fuels

and power from biomass, where the emphasis is on

characterization of the gas-phase molecular weight growth

reactions that occur during pyrolysis and gasification. A second

thrust is focused on the kinetics involved in the operation of hightemperature

(~800ºC) solid-oxide fuel cells, with particular

emphasis on characterizing the reactions that could lead to

deposits and developing approaches to selectively remove the

components in biomass-derived syngas that are deposit

precursors. A third area involves the combustion kinetics of

biomass-derived fuels such as Fischer-Tropsch fuels and

biodiesel. These research activities are funded by the Office of

Naval Research, the Department of Energy, the National

Renewable Energy Lab, the Colorado Center fro Biorefining and

Biofuels, and Delphi Corporation. In 2008 he received the CSM

Dean’s Excellence Award

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