Colorado Local Section

Colorado Section of ACS 2017 Elections for Officers and Councilors

Colorado Section of ACS 2017 Elections for Officers and Councilors

The election this year will be conducted electronically by Vote-now.  Look for an email notice from  You should receive these about October 16.  Balloting closes November 15 at 5:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.  We encourage all of you to vote electronically.  Follow the instructions given in the email from Vote-now.  However, members who do not wish to vote electronically may vote by phone following instructions from Vote-now.  You will need your voter code from your email or postcard notice to vote.  To vote by telephone, call toll free 1-844-797-4575 weekdays between 7am - 4pm (MDT).  Enter the voter code shown on your email or postcard at the prompt.

Candidate biographies will be available via links within the electronic ballot and on the Colorado Section website,  If you have questions about the election process you may contact Chair Debbie Crans, or Secretary Marge Rakowsky,  Once balloting is open, contact Vote-now for technical problems at

The exec committee of the Colorado Section consists of the Chair, Chair-elect, Past-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, six councilors with staggered 3-yr terms, and six alternate councilors, also with staggered 3-yr terms.  The Secretary and Treasurer have 2-yr terms.  Terms will begin January 1, 2018.

We will be electing a Chair-elect who will serve in 2018 as Chair-elect, will become Chair for 2019, and past Chair in 2020.  The Secretary will be elected for 2018-2019.  The councilors and alternate councilors will be elected for 2018-2020.  The two candidates with the highest number of votes for councilor will be elected councilors and the next two candidates in number of votes will be elected alternate councilors.  One additional candidate will fill an unexpired term as alternate councilor for 2018-2019.

Remaining in office in 2018 will be Marian O’Connor as Chair, Debbie Crans as Past-chair, and Richard Gabel as Treasurer.  Councilors with expiring terms are Connie Gabel and Sandra Bonetti.  The remaining councilors will be Ryan Richards and Susan MacGregor Batenhorst through 2018 and Sue Schelble and Larry Berliner, through 2019.  The alternate councilors with expiring terms are Gareth Eaton and Elisabeth Mansfield.  The alternate councilors with continuing terms are David Dillon and Michael Mosher through 2018 and Helen Gerhard through 2019.

2017 Election Candidates

Colorado Local Section ACS


For Chair-Elect-Vote for One (1):

L. Berliner____________________  ⃝

Write-in: _____________________ ⃝


For Secretary-Vote for One (1):

M. Rakowsky__________________ ⃝

Write-in:  _____________________  ⃝


For Councilors/Alt. Councilors-Vote for Up to Five (5).

Top two candidates in votes will be elected councilors,

 next three in number of votes will be elected alternate councilors.

S. Bonetti  ___________________  ⃝

G. Eaton _____________________  ⃝

C. Gabel  ____________________   ⃝

K. Hassell _____________________ ⃝

B. Michel _____________________  ⃝

C. Olivo-Delgado _______________ ⃝

R. Shircliff  ____________________ ⃝

Write-in  ______________________ ⃝

        Write-in   _____________________  ⃝

Candidate for Secretary: Margaret H. Rakowsky



MARGARET H. RAKOWSKY                                                                 

Academic Record: University of California, Riverside, Ph.D. Postdoctoral education National Research Council Associate Naval Research Laboratory.  Denison University, BS.  Johns Hopkins University, M.A.T.

Professional Position  (retired June 30, 2016): Associate Professor of Chemistry, 2002 – 2016; Assistant Professor, 1997- 2002.  U.S. Air Force Academy.   Taught General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Advanced Lab Techniques.  Mentored undergraduates in research.  Arranged nationwide summer research experiences for cadets. 

Visiting Scientist:  Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  Summers 2010 - 2012. 

Collaborated on synthesis and characterization of high surface area carbon aerogels (2010) and inorganic metal oxide  materials with a hierarchy of porosities with possible applications in the areas of catalysis and energy applications (2011 and 2012).

Honors: ACS 2017 Local Section Outreach Volunteer of the Year;  ACS Salutes to Excellence, Individual Award, 2017, for efforts celebrating Seniors in Colorado Section for over ten years;  Outstanding Civilian Service Career Award, Department of the Air Force, 2016;  Exemplary Civilian Service, Department of the Air Force, 2013 (for service from 2000-2013);  Service Award, Colorado Section ACS, 2007; Award of Excellence, Federal Laboratory Consortium For Technology Transfer, 1996; Senior NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship, Seiler Research Lab, USAFA (1991-1994); Career Advancement Award for Women, NSF, 1989; NRC Fellowship, Naval Research Lab (1985-88);  Outstanding Teaching Assistant, UCR, 1983.

Service in Colorado ACS:  I am currently Secretary of the Colorado Section.  I have been active in the section since moving to the state in 1988, serving as Secretary since 1998.  In addition to secretarial duties, I am Chair of the membership committee and I am Awards Chair for the Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting in October 2017.  I participated in the Strategic Planning Retreat for our Section in May 2017 and I have arranged luncheons for more than 10 years for our senior members being recognized for 50 or 60 years of service.  I was Arrangements Chair for the very successful Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2012.  

Candidate Statement:  Our section faces many challenges because of our large geographic size and the variety of interests of our members.  I support new initiatives to increase involvement of Young Chemists and those who work in industry and government in our state.  We are working towards using technology to reach more of our members.  We are collaborating with teachers in Colorado to provide programs and support for education of our teachers and students.  I am committed to assisting our executive committee and members to bring a variety of programs to our members, to the education community, and to the public.  If re-elected Secretary I will work for continual expansion and improvement of these activities.  

Candidate for Chair-Elect: Lawrence J. Berliner




Current employment. University of Denver

Academic Record:  U.C.L.A, BS. in Chemistry,1963; Stanford Univ., PhD in Physical Chem., 1967; Oxford Univ, Post.Doc. in Biophysics, 1968; Stanford Univ. Post.Doc. in Phys. Biochem., 1969.

Honors: Fellow, American Chemical Society, Fellow, American Association Advancement of Science; Established Investigatorship, American Heart Association, 1975-1980; NSF U.S.-Industrialized Countries Visiting Scientist, Univ. Groningen, Holland, 1977-78; Lady Davis Visiting Professor, Technion (Israel Institute Technology, Haifa), 1981; National Academy of Sciences Eastern European Exchange Visitor, 1979, 1982; SON Visiting Professor, Univ. Groningen, Holland, 1986; Ministry of Education

Visiting Professor, Kyushu Univ., Fukuoka, Japan, 1989; Fogarty Center NIH Senior International Fellowship, 1992 - 1992; Silver Medal for Biology/Medicine of the International EPR Society, 2000; Lifetime Achievement Award, EPR2005, Columbus, Ohio

Professional Positions: University of Denver, Dept. Chemistry and Biochemistry, Chair, 2000 – 2008; University of Denver, Chemistry and Biochemistry, Professor, 2009-present,  University of Colorado, Toxicology Graduate Program, (UCHSC), Dept. of Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Pharmacy, 2002 – 2012; Editor in Chief, Cell and Biochemistry and Biophysics; Editor in Chief, The Protein Journal

Service in Colorado ACS Offices: Alternate Councilor 2007-8; Chair Elect 2008; Chair 2009; Councilor 2010-2012; Alternate Councilor, 2013-2015, Councilor, 2016-2016;. Councilor, 2017 – 2019; Member, Government Affairs Committee, Long Range Planning Committee, Public Relations Committee, Local Section Awards Committee

Service in ACS National Offices: Associate Member, CCPA; Associate Member, LSAC

Related Activities: Chair, Outstanding Seniors and Outstanding High School Teachers Awards, Columbus Ohio Section, 1972-1976; Chair, Columbus Award Committee, Columbus Ohio Section, 1987-1990; Research Action Network Lead, Council Chemical Research, 2006-2009

Councilor Statement:  My past years on the executive board of the Colorado ACS have been personally rewarding and have allowed me to interact and work with many of our members from other institutions, industry and government labs. I intend to continue in my position as Councilor for the Colorado Section (2017-2019) and to continue my activities in Washington D.C., with Local Section Affairs Chemistry (LSAC). I think that local section programming is essential to the sustainability of the Section and we must continue to draw not only ACS members, but other members of the community to our meetings.  This means that we want to plan a variety of topics ranging from new findings in chemical research, legislative advocacy, history of chemistry and new and long-range aspects of employment, chemistry in the lenvironment, primary through higher education and the like.  As Chair I will attempt to enlist more members in volunteer activities as advocates for the ACS to our local congressional delegation and as speakers to local lay groups on the necessity for additional Federal and private sector funding for science research and education.  Our continuing challenge is the fact that our section membership covers the entire state meaning that we have to sponsor one or two meetings per year outside the Front Range in order to maintain personal contact and planning possibilities where travel considerations become a major issue. 

Candidate for Councilor:  Sandra J. Bonetti




Academic Record:  Georgia Institute of Technology, 1977; Georgia Institute of Technology 1989.

Honors: ACS Fellow; Sigma Xi; Phi Kappa Phi; Faculty Awards: Provost's Award for Excellence in Scholarly Activity 1994; College of Science and Mathematics Outstanding Faculty Award, 1998-99, 1992-1993; Provost’s Award for Excellence in Service, 2017.

Professional Positions: (for past 10 years) Colorado State University – Pueblo, Professor of Chemistry, 2002 – present; Associate Professor, 1996 - 2002; Assistant Professor, 1991-1996; Director, Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) Program 1993-2005.

Service in ACS National Office: Society Committee on Education (SOCED), Associate Member 2017-present; Committee on Project SEED, Chair 2011-2014; Committee Member 2007 - present, Committee Associate, 2006-2007.

Service in Colorado ACS Offices:  Member ACS since 1978; Colorado Section:  Councilor, 2004-present; Alternate Councilor, 2002-2003.

Related Activities:  Manage local Section list-serve; co-organizer of 1st  and 2nd Colorado ACS Student Affiliates Conference (CoSAC), 2007 & 2008; awarded ACS Local Section Innovative Project Grant for the Student Affiliates Conference (CoSAC) and for student poster session at Section meeting (Nov. 2010); visits to local offices of Colorado Congressional delegation (Sen. Allard and Rep. John Salazar) with ACS Office of Legislative and Government Affairs (OLGA); hosted Colorado Section meetings in Pueblo, Cañon City and Colorado Springs; in 2013, hosted an evening of chemical demonstrations and a Saturday K-12 teacher workshop that were presented by Drs. Lang and Showalter.

Councilor Statement:  As a Councilor for the Colorado Section, I have been privileged to serve and represent our large section.  I was honored to participate in the Section’s Strategic Planning Sessions, this May, where your valuable input was used to create a plan to improve our Section and how it serves its members. I have enjoyed and learned from my interactions with members at monthly meetings, Silver Circle luncheons, and regional and national ACS meetings and the listserve. Serving as a Project SEED mentor has allowed me to highlight chemistry and the ACS to high schools and to build stronger connections with teachers and students. I look forward to working with you to provide more services for all our members and to address future challenges to the Section.  Some of these challenges I will continue to address include how to communicate effectively with members, increase participation in Section activities, and enhance networking opportunities for chemists at all stages of their professional lives.  I believe that the section is greatly enriched by actively engaging its many members and by working with you and my fellow Section Officers to enhance the Colorado Section.

Candidate for Councilor: Connie Gabel 




Academic Record:  James Madison University, Virginia, BS in Chemistry; University of Colorado, MA; University of Colorado, Ph.D.  Graduate work at University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Honors:  Graduated magna cum laude with distinction in chemistry, James Madison University; Graduated with highest honors, University of Colorado;  Minority Engineering Program Award from University of Colorado, Boulder; Colorado Outstanding MESA Program; National Institutes of Health Research Apprentice Program; Xcel Energy Classroom Connections Award; St.Mary’s Academy, Faculty Leader Award;  2000 Notable American Women, ABI;  Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers (achieved only through student nomination); International Educator of the Year, 2004, Chemistry; Who’s Who in the World; Who’s Who in Science & Engineering; ACS ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Performance by a Local Section, ACS ChemLuminary Finalist for Outstanding Regional Meeting; Colorado Local Section Outreach Volunteer Award.

Professional Positions:  2004-2016, Metropolitan State University of Denver Chemistry Department; 2000-2003, St. Mary’s Academy, Instructor; 1998-2000, University of Colorado, Denver, American Association for the Advancement of Science Project 2061 Coordinator & Coordinator of science teacher professional development programs; 1996-98, Colorado School of Mines, MEP, summer programs; 1995-96, Horizon High School, Dean of Students;  University of Wisconsin, Specialist in Endocrinology. Other teaching positions include University of Wisconsin, Teaching Assistant, Organic Chemistry; Department of Defense Schools, Tokyo, Japan; Poudre Valley Schools, Ft. Collins; Boulder Valley Schools, Boulder; Mapleton School District, Thornton.

ACS National & Regional Activities:  ACS Council 2012-present, Colorado Local Section;  Local Section Activities Committee, 2014-present; Local Section Assistance & Development Subcommittee, 2014- 2015; Local Section Activities Operations & Support Subcommittee 2016-present;  Rocky Mountain Region Board of Directors, 2008-present; Chemists Celebrate Earth Day Coordinator, 2012-present; ACS Ambassador, 2012-present;  Planning for ACS 2015 National Meeting in Denver; General Chair 2012 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting; Secretary-Treasurer Rocky Mountain Region 2016-present.

ACS Colorado Section Activities:  Councilor 2012-present; Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, Colorado Coordinator, 2012-present; Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting 2012, General Chair; 2010-2011 Alternate Councilor, Colorado Section; 2007, Chair-Elect, Colorado Section;  2008, Chair, Colorado Section; 2009, Past-Chair, Colorado Section;  2008-present, Colorado representative to Rocky Mountain Region Board of Directors.  I have served on the education, awards, nominations & elections, long-range planning, publicity, and program committees of the Colorado Section. I have planned and assisted with numerous outreach activities for local schools and have planned and coordinated workshops for teachers as well as the high school awards banquet.

Professional Memberships:  American Chemical Society, Division of Chemical Education; Colorado Chemistry Teachers Association; American Association for the Advancement of Science; National Association for Research in Science Teaching; American Educational Research Association; National Science Teachers Association; New York Academy of Science; Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development; American Association of University Women;  Phi Delta Kappa.

Candidate Statement:  I have been active in the Colorado Local Section for a number of years, and I work hard to involve members in ACS events.  I joined the American Chemistry Society when I was an undergraduate student.  I encouraged my students at Metropolitan State University of Denver to join ACS. and students accompanied me to national ACS meetings to give poster and oral presentations.  My students and I have made many presentations at regional and national ACS meetings and were honored for our work with Supplemental Instruction by being chosen to present at SciMix. I had a chapter published in Advances in Teaching Organic Chemistry, ACS Symposium Series and another chapter in NMR Spectroscopy in the Undergraduate Curriculum, a book in the ACS Symposium Series.  During my tenure as Chair, the Colorado Local Section received the ChemLuminary Award for Outstanding Performance by a Local Section and was a finalist for Most Innovative Program.   All of this took much coordination with many individuals throughout Colorado as well as nationally.  I was the General Chair for the very successful 2012 Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting, which was a ChemLuminary finalist for Outstanding Regional Meeting.  Since elected as councilor, I have attended all national ACS meetings and district caucus meetings and helped with planning for the 2015 ACS national meeting in Denver including the very successful Presidential Outreach Event at the Denver Zoo.  The section also received a ChemLuminary Award for a chemistry workshop that was done at Metro State for blind students—I assisted with the nomination process for this award.   I also serve on the ACS Rocky Mountain Region Board and am a member of the Local Section Activities Committee at the national level.  I have served on a number of committees for the Colorado Local Section including education, awards, nominations & elections, long-range planning, publicity, and program as well as the recent strategic planning committee.  I have successfully applied for many grants on behalf of the Colorado Local Section to provide funding for various programs and events.  I have also worked with students to do many chemistry outreach activities and have coordinated with the Colorado Chemistry Teachers Association about awards night, workshops, events, etc.  I have also served as the Colorado Coordinator for Chemists Celebrate Earth Day since 2012 and have provided resources and information to teachers and universities across the state.  Additionally, I serve as a Chemistry Ambassador for ACS.  My husband worked as a research chemist in the pharmaceutical industry; therefore, I am familiar with both the academic and the industrial cultures within ACS.  I would appreciate your vote so that I may continue to serve the Colorado section and ACS in these various capacities.

Candidate for Councilor: Gareth R. Eaton




Current Position: John Evans Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Denver. 

Current Activities:

I teach graduate courses in chemistry and develop new methods of measuring electron spins, with grants in instrument development and preclinical imaging.   My work is based on collaborations in engineering, math, physics, chemistry and oncology. I review papers for many ACS and other journals. 


I received the Colorado Section Award in 2001, the Bruker Prize, awarded by the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2002.  I was elected Fellow of the International EPR/ESR Society in 2008, and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2014. 

Position Statement:

I want to help Debbie Crans and others enhance the local section programming to make the activities of the section such that students, faculty, and government and industrial scienintists will want to be involved. 

Candidate for Councilor: Kelly N. Hassell




Academic Record: MS., Biology, Rutgers University, New Jersey; Med., Multicultural Secondary Education, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA; BS., Biology, Chestnut Hill College, Phila. PA.

Current Employment: PhD candidate at Colorado State University, Chemistry – Crans Lab

Honors: 2017; ACS Award “Salute to Excellence” for my contributions to the inaugural “Young Talent Symposium”. 

Professional Positions: I’ve worked as an analytical chemist for a small biotech company in Berkeley, CA, designing anti-bodies and proteins sold to larger Pharma companies. And I’m a former chemistry secondary education teacher. I’ve spent seven years teaching at Pennsylvania’s premier urban private school, Germantown Friends, as well as other urban high schools in Philadelphia. In my teaching roles, I’ve had the opportunity to design and implement my own curriculum driven by the need to prepare my students to become active thinkers and participants in science, specifically chemistry. Inquiry-based education supports students that will develop into problem solving scientists. I have also served as a teaching assistant at CSU, and have continued to teach, tutor and mentor undergraduates in the biology and chemistry courses.

I’m an elected member of the President’s Commission on Women’s gender and equity at CSU.

I serve as the graduate student representative and on a sub-committee that oversee the campus climate for CSU students and employees.

In my spare time, I foster/adopt puppies and volunteer at my local animal shelter. 

Service in Colorado ACS offices: Volunteer coordinator for the “Young Talent Symposium” in Aug. 2016 at CSU. New member of Colorado section of ACS; attends meetings and social events.

Statement: I’m honored as a graduate student to participate in the Colorado local section of ACS. I enjoy the social events and learning wisdom from the other members in my section.


If elected to the Executive Board, I will continue to attend and fully participate in meetings, conferences and social events. It is my hope to broaden our membership base by initiating additional events to draw in more students to actively participate in our ACS section as members via sharing their contributions to chemistry and innovations to science.    

Candidate for Councilor: Carlos J. Olivo-Delgado




Academic Record:

Doctor of Philosophy (History)                                                                                    May 2017

University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR                                                                     GPA = 4.00

Doctor of Education (Curriculum and Teaching | Chemistry Education)                        May 2007

University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR                                                                     GPA = 4.00

Master of Science (Environmental Analysis)                                                               May 2003

Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo, PR                                                                          GPA = 4.00

Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)                                                                                  May 2001

Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo, PR                                                                          GPA = 3.75


Professional Positions:

Academic Success Coordinator | Instructor                                         August 2015-present

Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO

Associate Dean | Assistant Professor                                                    June 2011-July 2015

Universidad del Turabo, Gurabo, PR

Assistant Professor                                                                               August 2003-May 2011

Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR

Assistant Professor                                                                               August 2008-May 2011

University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon, PR

Instructor                                                                                               August 2005-May 2012

University of Puerto Rico, Humacao, PR

Service in ACS Offices/Activities:

Participated in the Colorado ACS Strategic Planning Retreat, May 2017

Related Activities:

Chair, ACS Puerto Rico Local Section, 2014

Councilor Statement:


My objective is to support the vision and mission of Colorado’s ACS Local Section and provide advice to its members and the community.

Candidate for Councilor: Rebecca Shircliff



REBECCA SHIRCLIFF                                                     

Academic Record

PhD in Applied Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines, 2013

MS in Chemistry, Colorado School of Mines, 2007

BS in Chemistry, Ball State University, 2003

2005 Lucas-Williams Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award from Colorado School of Mines
2003-2004 Recipient of Langmuir Fellowship and Erickson Scholarship from Colorado School of Mines
2003 Outstanding Senior Award from the Ball State University Chemistry Department
Member of Golden Key National Honor Society

Professional Positions:
Analytical Chemist at Atotech USA, Inc. in Denver where I managed and operated the Analytics and Materials Science Department for the Molecular Interface Technology (MIT) Business & Technology Team (BTT). Provided analytical support and method development for electronics-based industry.

Lead Analytical Chemist at Neptune & Co. where I was the project manager for high-profile projects with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection and U.S. EPA. I helped clients develop Quality Management Plans and Systems to ensure project goals were met and proper quality controls were in place. I also audited U.S. EPA laboratories against requirements similar to ISO 17025.

My PhD studies were conducted at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory where I developed and characterized biological devices for improved gene expression analysis of hydrogen production in algae for alternative fuel sources. I also worked at the Renewable Energy Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at CSM to assemble and characterize silicon-nanocrystal photovoltaic devices.

At the National Water Quality Laboratory in Denver, I developed methods for detection of pharmaceuticals in wastewaters. I also studied bioavailability of metals in streams impacted by mining.

Service in Colorado ACS Offices: 

I have been a member of the ACS for nearly 10 years. I have volunteered and participated in the Colorado ACS section for over 2 years. I have assisted local ACS board members in developing the new Colorado ACS logo, attracting new members, and developing an industry networking project.

Related Activities: 

I currently volunteer for the Denver Alzheimer’s Association and Mountain Peace Shelter. I actively seek opportunities that allow me to contribute to my local community and improve its quality for residents.

Councilor Statement:  

As Councilor for the Colorado ACS Section, I will work to improve the section’s outreach to local ACS members. I also want to increase the value of the section to ACS members by: 1) hosting industry networking events; 2) improving the visibility of the Colorado section; 3) recruiting new members to expand the ACS network; and 4) representing the section at national ACS meetings. For industry networking events, I would like to plan monthly mixers that allow local ACS members to interact with industry employees in the Denver area. This will create an environment that will allow the exchange of new and exciting chemistry topics and opportunities to connect potential employers with potential employees. The networking events will also help to improve the visibility of the Colorado section and to recruit new members. In addition, I will represent the Colorado section at national ACS meetings where I can advertise the opportunities for involvement with the local section and our positive outreach program. 

Candidate for Councilor: Brian W. Michel




Current Employment:

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Denver, Denver, Colorado

Academic Record

Western Washington University, B.S. (Chemistry)

University of Utah, PhD (Organic Chemistry).


American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow 2013-2014; Faculty career champion, University of Denver

Professional Positions:

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 2014-present

American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellow/Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, 2011-2014

Service in ACS Offices:

Session Chair at ACS National Meeting, Denver, CO, March 2015

Related Activities:

ACS member 2008-2009, 2014-present

Reviewer for numerous journals including ACS journals: The Journal of the American Chemical Society, The Journal of Organic Chemistry, and ACS Catalysis.

Councilor Statement:


While I have not served the local ACS office up to this point, I look forward to opportunities to become involved with the local operations of the ACS and learn how we can effectively provide a valuable and recognized service to young chemists. Outside of academia, very few of my colleagues employed in the chemical industry see the value offered by an ACS membership. As an ACS councilor I would work to find ways to improve our outreach and services to the younger generation of chemists. The two main areas where I see the ACS providing guidance at a national and local level are in employment opportunities and communicating scientific understanding to the general population. In regards to employment, I believe that we need to modernize and improve how we train chemist at all degree levels to be productive employees and researchers regardless of their career path. How do we improve our curriculum to achieve this? Secondly, the issue of chemophobia in the general populous is an issue of concern. Our current methods of information dissemination and acquisition do not sufficiently vet information or present accurate ways to analyze what is put in front of our faces. How do we improve public communication about chemistry and science in general to the public without appearing to have our own bias influencing information? These are the areas I would like to work on as an ACS councilor. 

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